Duke Ellington

Ladies and gentlemen, Duke Ellington....

Perhaps the greatest shortcoming of "A Duke Ellington Panorama" has been the lack of music. Download times and bandwith limitations were the main reason DEP had no music. As an experiment, we'll try adding some sounds to the page and see how it goes.

Our first selection, ladies and gentlemen, will be the Duke himself singing "I've Got To Be A Rug Cutter" from 24feb38. If you are keeping score, that selection is number DE3804e in your NDesor. Enjoy!

I've Got To Be A Rug Cutter

A visitor to "A Duke Ellington Panorama" sent this version of Take The "A" Train. I couldn't identify it, can you? If you know the source of this recording, send an email to peter@depanorama.net

Take The "A" Train

Here is B.B. King singing Duke. RIP Riley B. King. Enjoy!

Don't Get Around Much Anymore

Take The 'A' Train