Ellington Sessions

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"A Duke Ellington Panorama" is complete for the years 1924-1944 within our limited scope, which is to list all issued Ellington recordings. If you are interested in learning about unissued recordings, you'll just have to purchase a real discography like the New Desor.

If you find three asterisks *** next to a title, it means that I do not have it. I'm glad to trade for titles that I do not have.

What is an Ellington recording?

I have taken a fairly broad view of what is a Duke Ellington recording.

I have included recordings that Ellington produced such as “Duke Ellington Presents The Dollar Brand Trio,” all of the wonderful “A Morning In Paris” by Sathima Bea Benjamin, and one of the two sessions for the Joya Sherrill album “Joya Sherrill Sings Duke.”

I have also included, for example, the entire 8 CD set the “Cote d'Azur Concerts.” While Ellington does step off the stage at times and relinquish control of the Orchestra to Jimmy Jones and Ella Fitzgerald for several numbers, I still include these numbers as Ellington recordings. Also I think listeners would like to see the entire album documented.

When Ellington really had nothing to do with a recording, but that recording has appeared on Ellington albums, I have put the title of the recording in {brackets}, see for example the session of 14aug58 for the album “Side By Side” or the famous piano roll of “Jig Walk” from 1926.

If you are wondering where to find the key to the abbreviations to identify the album which contains a particular title, click on the "Albums" heading at the top of the page.