The Fast Poll about the Impala SS attracted a sellout crowd,

and more than 70 percent of responding readers want Chevy to bid

for a version of the stretched Opel Omega/Holden VT Commodore

(AW, July 28). However, some readers, including Impala SS owners,

want to remember the full-size, rear-wheel-drive sports sedan as

the top-10 hit it was... a golden oldie.

   Please build it! The Impala SS died just when I saved up the

down payment.  I want an affordable car that can stir my soul,

scare Mustang GT owners and carry the family.

   Derek Warner

   via internet

   If it's a rear-wheel-drive Chevy, I want it. If it's a rwd

Impala SS with a V8, I gotta have it. If it's rwd with a V8, two

doors and a six-speed, I...  I... I'm having difficulty getting

past that ecstatic thought.

   C. Coburn

   via internet

   The Impala SS is also a great choice for dads since it is the

perfect combination of powerful sports car and four-door sedan

with space for child seats and groceries.

   Christian H. Rom

   Lafayette, La.

   Ask police departments. The answer is "No, the time has not

passed for large rear-drive sedans." But why does GM need an

import to satisfy the need? What's happened to one of the world's

great car makers?

   Jerry Iverson

   Solvang, Calif.

   Whose brilliant idea was it to put the Impala SS logo on an

Opel, the same guy that Coca-Cola fired over the "New Coke"


   Mark N. Frolick

   Memphis, Tenn.

   One of the main reasons I bought the Impala was that it was no

longer going to be made. Bringing the nameplate back will

diminish its uniqueness factor.

   Kenny Dohrmann

   via internet