How can owner keep up '96 Chevrolet Impala SS? by Dan Jedlicka (Chicago Sun-Times, 1/6/97)

   Q. I own a 1996 Chevrolet Impala SS, which I feel is destined

to become a collector's item. If so, how can I enhance the car's

value? What's the best way to keep it in good shape during

winter?  J.T., Orland Park

   A. For those with short memories, the discontinued Impala SS

four-door was a limited-production, hot-rod version of the Chevy

Caprice family sedan -- with the SS (Super Sport) name taken from

high-performance 1960s Chevrolets. Your model was made in the

1994 through 1996 model years and likely will become a minor

classic. Keep the car in strictly original condition, with no

modifications. And only put a moderate number of miles on it,

although the SS should be driven at least once a month. The car

needs no rust proofing, but should be kept in a warm, dry place

like a heated garage. A big problem with collector cars is that

they can't really be used like normal autos.