REVAMPED CHEVY IMPALA AVAILABLE ONLY BRIEFLY by Bob Sikorsky (The Palm Beach Post, 10/30/96)

   QUESTION: Back in early 1994, Chevrolet was supposed to

manufacture and sell a sport model of the old Impala. I think it

was supposed to be designated the Impala SS.

   I was interested in buying one, but no dealers had them in

their showrooms and they could not tell me when they would be

available. I therefore purchased another vehicle.

   Since that time, I have never seen one on the street.

   Did Chevrolet ever even produce the Impala SS? Sincerely,

B.R., Crystal Lake, Ill.

   ANSWER: Chevrolet indeed did produce a very limited edition of

the 1994 Impala SS - Super Sport. It was kind of a

25th-anniversary model, marking a quarter century since the last

Impala nameplate appeared on a Chevrolet in 1969.

   The special edition Impala SS was built in Arlington, Texas,

and, like the state in which it was built, it was BIG. It was

powered by a 5.7-liter, 260-horsepower V8 and had huge P25 5/50ZR

17-inch tires. It was 214 inches long, with a 116-inch wheelbase,

and it weighed 4,218 pounds. A low, menacing,

meant-for-business-looking car, it was available in only one

color - monochromatic black on black - and had a base price of


   You've probably never seen one because it was a

limited-production car and built only that one model year. Very

few dealers had them.