WELL, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN IMPALA by Dan Proudfoot (The Toronto Sun, 7/27/97)

   If you're going to write about unforgettable cars, it's

unforgivable to forget which was which.

   A week ago we described Suzanne Somers in American Graffiti.

She materialized in the night like a warming dream in a white '58

Chevy Impala, we rhapsodized.

   That, you see, is exactly how that particular warming dream

recurs for us. She is clear. The car is clear. The dream, it

turns out, is cockeyed.

   Auto Insider readers responded gently, as you would when

correcting a favorite uncle who's slowly losing his marbles.

   "Time sure does change those memories," Don Young noted,

pointing out Suzanne materialized in a white '55 T-Bird. The

white '58 Impala was driven by a guy, for crying out loud. By

Opie, Don says.

   No excuse is adequate, but here's what we figure happened: The

'58 Impala ranks among our all-time favorite cars, the '55 T-bird

doesn't. Subconsciously, we must have decided Suzanne Somers

belonged in the cooler car.