The first 1994 Chevrolet Impala SS rolled off the line here

today, marking the return of the second classic nameplate to the

Chevrolet lineup in 10 days.

   The Impala is a hybrid vehicle combining its own attractive

design features with a 260 HP LT1 Corvette engine, police car

handling, luxurious leather interior, specially designed wheels

and any color you want -- as long as it's black.

   "We think we have a real winner on our hands," said Jim

Perkins, Chevrolet general manager.  "We've already taken 5,000

orders for this car and we believe we can sell a lot more."

   The idea behind the Impala SS literally came from the street.

Chevrolet's chief designer, John Cafaro, had noticed a certain

souped-up Chevrolet Caprice driving through his neighborhood. 

The sedan was lower to the ground and its details were blacked

out.  Cafaro brought the car into the studio and came up with a

Chevrolet design all its own.

   The resulting Impala SS concept car was first shown at an

after- market manufacturers' convention in November 1992.

   "All we were trying to do was tweak the interest of the

automotive after-market," said Dave Hansen, director of

engineering and product development for Chevrolet.  "But what we

had on our hands, show after show, was an overwhelming reaction

by customers to put this car into production!"

   Chevrolet and the Midsize Car Division (MCD), the GM vehicle

platform organization responsible for product development and

manufacturing of the Impala SS, went to work to bring the car to

market in about 13 months.

   "MCD worked in record time to make this car a reality," said

Art Hester, MCD's program manager for the vehicle.  "We pulled

together design, manufacturing, engineering and supplier

resources from across GM's North American Operations to bring

this car to market."

   Don Wine, plant manager of MCD's Arlington, Texas, assembly

plant, said he was extremely proud of employees' efforts to build

such a beautiful car.  "Your hard work will pay off in the

marketplace," he said.  "This product is generating tremendous

excitement, and your commitment to building quality products will

enhance our customers' reaction to this car."

   The Arlington assembly plant also builds the Chevrolet Caprice

and other full-size rear-wheel drive products.  The plant employs

about 3,500 workers on two shifts.   CONTACT: Suzanne Kane of

Chevrolet, 805-373-8440, or Pete Ternes of Midsize Car Division,