Caprice-based Impala SS due to bow in spring by ALEX LAW (Toronto Star 10/30/93)

    Production of the sporty and bad-in- black Impala SS version

of the Chevrolet Caprice has been delayed somewhat.

   But the full-size sedan should start turning up sometime in

the spring, and at Canadian dealers no less. 

   Such exotica has not always survived the transition north.

   Witness souped-up trucks like the Syclone and Typhoon from GM

or the Lightning from Ford.

   When the Impala SS does arrive, it will have the

260-horsepower Corvette LT1 V-8 engine that is new to Caprice

this year.

   The big car also will be hung with a suspension that General

Motors officials described as unique. And it will have anti-lock

brakes at all four corners.

   The Impala SS is supposed to look as good as it cooks.

   So it will get monochromatic black paint, body-colored

moldings, a new grille and a rear deck spoiler.

   And let's not forget the Impala SS emblems that will ring

bells for fans of the '60s performance car from whence the

newcomer gets its name.