Chevrolet Impala SS; Global Viewpoint; Concepts by Kevin Jost (Automotive Engineering 8/93)

    Chevrolet's Impala SS is derived from the Caprice LTZ, a

sporty version of the Caprice that uses the drivetrain and

suspension from the car's police equipment package. A Chevrolet

official states that turning a regular Caprice sedan into a

production version of the Impala SS would not be difficult.  

Most of the equipment is already available on the Caprice, and

the special appearance items would be easy to add.

    The Impala SS is outfitted with the 224-kW LT1 Corvette

engine and a four-speed automatic transmission. To that base is

added a new grille, deck lid spoiler, monochromatic paint scheme,

and small inserts on the rear quarter windows. Goodyear

275-mm-wide GS-C tires, 17-inch aluminum wheels, and

50-mm-lowered suspension give the SS a more aggressive look. The

production version would have to be raised to conform to

bumper-height laws.

    Bucket seat tracks from the police package mated to two

production gray leather driver's seats, and a console between the

seats, help to enhance the interior's appearance. Satin black

paint replaces wood grain on the instrument panel and door trim.