Chevy may revive sporty Impala SS (Atlanta Journal and Constitution 1/22/93)

   General Motors is showing off a full-size, rear-wheel-drive

concept car that could be offered as a replacement for the

Chevrolet Caprice sedan.

   The Impala SS is a Caprice LTZ with a dressed-up exterior and

Corvette ZR1 engine.   The car is generally sold as a police

vehicle, but the show model is outfitted with new grille,

deck-lid spoiler and monochromatic paint scheme: It's all black.

   The Impala SS also has redesigned rear and side windows and

17-inch aluminum wheels. The interior boasts bucket seats and a

new center console, instrument panel and door trim.

   Chevy General Manager Jim Perkins said the Impala SS is being

shown around the country in what auto makers call "clinics,"

where buyers look over the car and say what they like and don't

like about it.

   Mr. Perkins said no decision has been made for a scaled-back

Impala to replace the Caprice. But GM officials said the car is

being considered as a replacement

   An earlier car named Impala was a best seller for Chevy from

the late '50s to the early '70s. During some of those years,

Impala SS (for Super Sport) was the series' top-of-the-line

sporty model.

GRAPHIC: photo: Chevrolet's Impala SS concept car boasts bucket

seats and a new center console and instrument panel.