Memories of
Ellington '99

The Ellington Centennial Celebration

People at Ellington '99

Elaine Norsworthy holding Eddie Lambert's book "Duke Ellington: A Listener's Guide." Eddie Lambert completed his book, but sadly, died before it was published. Elaine saw the book through publication. It was my pleasure to introduce the book at the conference.

Dennis Dimmer stayed in Washington after the conference and gave a presentation to the Duke Ellington Society of Washington, D.C. about Ellington's influence in England. This allowed us to extend our Ellington celebration beyond the end of the conference. Dennis even bought me a beer to thank me for my presentation at the conference. Thank you, Dennis!

Mac Grimmer, Richard Ehrenzeller,and Peter MacHare discuss the intricacies of the Ellington discography (or are they just looking for another beer?).
Jack Towers just like you always imagined him: monitoring the recording at the conference.
Jack Towers and Jerry Valburn, well known to Ellingtonians everywhere. Their latest project is putting the Treasury Series on CD.
God! I need a martini. Here I am, trying to look stuffy and serious, while giving a presentation at Ellington '99. I was able to give two presentations at my first Ellington conference, which, to my surprise, were well received. I even got good press as far away as Belgium.