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DETS Volume 16, double CD
Storyville 903 9016

DEMS 12/2-14

CD 1
Treasury broadcast # 30, 10Nov45, ABC Studio 6-B, Radio City, NYC
 1. Take the "A" Train
 2. Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'
 3. Take the "A" Train
 4. 9:20 Special
 5. Frustration
 6. Bond Promo
 7. Jenny
 8. Dancing in the Dark
 9. Crosstown
10. Passion Flower
11. Bond Promo
12. Victory Drive
13. Get on Board Little Children
14. Take the "A" Train
15. Come Sunday, Light
16. Bond Promo
17. 11:60 P.M.
18. Tell It to a Star
19. I Ain't Got Nothin' but the Blues
20. Cotton Tail
21. Waiting for the Train to Come In
22. Star Spangled Banner

MBS broadcast from The Hurricane Restaurant, 7Jun43, NYC
23. Just Squeeze Me (Subtle Slough)
24. Main Stem
This cannot have been a Pastel Period broadcast. 7Jun43 is not a Sunday.

MBS "Pastel Period" broadcast from The Hurricane Restaurant, Jun43, NYC
25. Bakiff

CD 2
Treasury broadcast # 31, 17Nov45, ABC Studio 6-B, Radio City, NYC
 1. Take the "A" Train
 2. Walkin' with My Honey
 3. Jack the Bear
 4. Autumn Serenade
 5. Bond Promo
 6. Tell It to a Star
 7. Hey Diddle Diddle
 8. I Can't Begin To Tell You
 9. How Deep Is the Ocean
10. The Wonder of You
11. Victory Drive
12. As Long as I Live
    Take the "A" Train

"The Fitch Band Wagon" broadcast, 30May43, Radio City, NYC
13. Take the "A" Train
14. Interview with Duke Ellington
15. The Canteen Bounce
16. Perdido
17. Interview with Duke Ellington
18. Hayfoot, Strawfoot
19. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
20. Interview with Duke Ellington
21. A Slip of the Lip
22. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
23. Interview with Duke Ellington
24. Ring dem Bells
The interviews were done by Tobe Reed.
The session can be found on the Correction-sheet 1011 from The New DESOR.

MBS "Pastel Period" broadcast from The Hurricane Restaurant, Sep43, NYC
25. Moon Mist
26. C-Jam Blues
27. It Don't Mean a Thing
28. Tonight I Shall Sleep
29. Ring dem Bells
30. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
31. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
The date of 5Sep is confirmed in the Timme Rosenkrantz files. It must be wrong. 5Sep was a Wednesday. Pastel Period broadcasts were always on Sunday.


A very rare Ellington recording

DEMS 12/2-15

Alan Eichler was so kind as to send us a set of five CDs with recordings made by Jane Harvey. They were released by Little Jazz Bird Records. They include newly discovered performances with Duke Ellington and his orchestra with Billy Strayhorn, recorded in the late 1950's.
The two tracks with the Ellington band are on the fifth CD, titled "The Undiscovered Jane Harvey", LJB 1005 (2011). The titles are A Hundred Dreams from Now (originally titled A Hundred Dreams Ago) and I Ain't Got Nothing But the Blues. It is unmistakably the Ellington orchestra with Billy Strayhorn at the piano and Duke supervising the session and giving instructions to Jane at the start of the second selection. The same recording of A Hundred Dreams from Now is also on track 2 of the first CD in the series, LJB 1001, titled "Travelin' Light".
We have asked Alan Eichler to give us the date and the location of these recordings in order to include them in Duke's discography. He answered: "The Ellington recordings were done in New York during Jane's marriage to Bob Thiele. It would have become a full album, but Jane and Bob divorced and she thought all copies had been destroyed. She estimates the year as around 1959.

MY PEOPLE, the complete show
Storyville 1018430

DEMS 12/2-16

 1. Skillipoop (Jungle Triangle)
 2. Come Sunday
 3. Will You Be There
    99% Won't Do (complete version)
 4. Ain't But the One
 5. David Danced
 6. My Mother, My Father and Love (Joya Sherrill)
 7. After Bird Jungle
 8. Light (Montage)
 9. My People
10. The Blues
11. Blues at Sundown
12. Walkin' and Singin' the Blues
13. Jail Blues (Workin' Blues)
14. My Man Sends Me
15. Jail Blues
16. I Love My Lovin' Lover
17. Skillipoop (Jungle Triangle)
18. King Fit the Battle of Alabam'
19. King Fit the Battle of Alabam'
20. Purple People
21. What Color Is Virtue?
22. Purple People (background music)
23. Jail Blues (Piano Blues Overture)
24. Strange Feeling
25. My Mother, My Father and Love (Jimmy McPhail)

1.† Track -62 was used for the original release. It was found on the studio tape, catalogued in the Danish collection as item 35228. It was used for the Danish broadcast #25. Here is indeed track -60, which is actually a "breakdown&qquot;.
1 and 17. According to The New DESOR the soloist is not Rudy Powell but Russell Procope. According to a correction on The New DESOR, the instrument was not a clarinet but a soprano sax.
9. This is the most original version of track 20. On the released recordings the words "for the first time" and "and so, wait a minute now" have been deleted.
12. I believe The New DESOR is right. The sax is played by Harold Ashby and not by Rudy Powell.
12 and 14. There is no doubt that Billy Strayhorn was present during this recording session. Duke called him between tracks 25 and 27. If the date of 27Aug is correct, the story in David Hajdu's "Lush Life" page 228 is not true.
19. The solo credits for Bob Freedman and Pete Clark have been corrected in The New DESOR. Pete came before Ray Nance, Bob came after Ray Nance.
20. The credit for Richelle Le Noir Guilmenot has been corrected in The New DESOR into Joya Sherrill.
I am the source of this mistake. Joya told me that her daughter did the narration, but that was done (once or more times, I don't know) at the actual show in the Arie Crown Theatre, not in the recording session.
21. This is exactly identical with the released version, track -18 with an intercut coda 5-18. The asterisk (on page 11 of the liner notes) should be removed.
22. According to a correction made in The New DESOR, the soloists were Bob Freedman and Russell Procope. Not Rudy Powell.
Sjef Hoefsmit

Duke Ellington at the Brant Inn

DEMS 12/2-17

Does anyone have a list of Dukeís appearances over the years at the Brant Inn in Burlington, Ontario? Ellington Day by Day shows only six; two in 1952, one in 1953, two in 1956, and one in 1957. I remember seeing Duke there in either 1963 or 1964 and Iím nearly certain he appeared during the 1940s.
Don Brown

Duke played a dance date (which was recorded) on 17Feb55. There were two more recordings, one from 19Jul56 and one from 21Jul56.

Thanks, Sjef. The reason I was asking is that while tidying up my basement the other day I came across a 2400 foot reel-to-reel tape of Ellington at the Brant Inn. Since I donít own a reel-to-reel player Iím having a friend to transfer it to disc for me. I was originally given the tape by a CBC music producer I worked with. Heíd got the tape from the CBC archives but there was absolutely no information on it beyond Dukeís name. Itís quite possible itís one of the recordings you mention in your email. It will be interesting to be able to hear it. Iíll keep you posted. Thanks for your help.
Don Brown

Hello again, Sjef. My friend William Van Ree just sent me the music from the reel-to-reel tape I was asking about recently. Iíve been able to establish that it contains two broadcasts recorded by station CHML in Hamilton, Ontario for broadcast over the CBCís Dominion Network. Checking Timner Iíve confirmed that they are the broadcasts of July 19th and 21st 1956. As far as I know these have never been officially issued so I plan to ask William to make CDR copies for me and my friends. If youíre interested Iíd be happy to send you a copy. Please let me know.

Don Brown

I have both dates on tape in a poor quality. If your copy is good, I would be very interested in a copy on CD.
This is what Art Pilkington wrote to me in his letter of 5oct89: "I confirmed my suspicions that the two dates in DESOR and Timner of 19 & 20Jul57, are in error and should read 19 & 21Jul56. I have listened to these tapes at the CBC program Archives in Toronto. The tune titles agree with DESOR and Timner."


Judging from the compressed samples William sent me by email the sound seems excellent. Iím sure a proper transfer of the music from tape to CD will be even better. William will be back in Toronto in four weeks and Iíll get back to you then, Sjef, when Iíll have had a chance to listen to the music on CD. If youíre interested I could forward Williamís samples to you so you can judge for yourself.
Don Brown

Don't be bothered. I will be happy to wait for the CD when it is ready. I would be very grateful. The music is terrific (as usual) but my tape is rather poor.

William van Ree was in Toronto yesterday and brought CDR copies of Duke Ellington at the Brant Inn to the pub for me and my jazz-loving drinking buddies. I have a copy for you which I'll drop in the mail this coming week if youíll send me your address. Also, if anyone you know would like a copy William can easily make extras. All theyíll need to do is contact him and heíll give them the cost of the disc and the shipping. Williamís email address is

Don Brown

Your CD arrived today. It looks fabulous. I have not yet listened t it, but I will do that this evening. It looks like a real professional job. I will promote it in the next DEMS Bulletin and I will send you my article before publication.

Thank you again for the fine CD of the Brant Inn. I have listened to it several times. Although the sound quality is not impeccable, it is very much better than the poor tape copy that I have in my collection. As I said earlier, the music is terrific as usual. Your and William's offer to make more copies for DEMS Bulletin readers is highly appreciated.

Duke played on 19Jul56
from the Newport Jazz Festival Suite:
Festival Junction
Blues To Be There
Newport Up
followed by
Prelude to a Kiss
Mood Indigo.

He played on 21Jul56:
Take the "A" Train
Sophisticated Lady
Jam with Sam
I Got It Bad
Tulip or Turnip
E and D Blues
Take the "A" Train.




Joe Jackson's tribute to The Duke

DEMS 12/2-18

At the end of June a Joe Jackson tribute to Duke Ellington album will be released, containing versions of I'm Beginning To See The Light, Mood Indigo, I Got It Bad and It Don't Mean A Thing with Iggi Pop; I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues with Sharon Jones and Caravan with Iranian singer Sussan Deyhim performed in Farsi, also Perdido with Lilian Vieira and the Brazilian/Dutch collective Zuco 103.
Instrumental versions of Isfahan, Rockin' in Rhythm, The Mooche and Black and Tan Fantasy are also included.
Jo Kloprogge

I came upon the DEMS Bulletin web site as I was doing some work for a project Iím working on. Itís an album called The Duke, by Joe Jackson. Itís something that Joe wanted to do to pay tribute to someone that he adores and admires, Duke Ellington, and he wrote the liner notes in the CD booklet himself talking about his appreciation of the music.
As a group who has a love for the original, Iím not sure how you feel about tributes, but I wanted to let you know about it anyway. Itís really a very cool record, and I would love to know what you and your members think about it. If you are interested in receiving a copy, let me know, and Iíll send you one digitally. If you like it, maybe you can include it in a monthly newsletter or post.
Bob Hoch

Since I am personally not a fan of Joe Jackson, I invite the first person to respond to this news to write a review of this CD for DEMS Bulletin. I will give the address of Bob Hoch to contact him for receiving the digital copy.
Sjef Hoefsmit


Laurent Mignard and the Duke Orchestra
"Ellington French Touch"
Just Une Trace 88691952912

DEMS 12/2-19

See DEMS 12/1-40

If you have a problem finding this CD at your regular supplier, you can order one directly from Laurent Mignard at
If you want to listen to and to watch a lot of small parts of the concert, you should go to