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The Duke's Trumpeters 1945

DEMS 12/2-10

See DEMS 11/2-9

Many thanks to Graham Colombé who gave us the opportunity to listen again to these trumpet's solos.
About In a Mellow Tone we agree with Colombé who says that RS is the soloist in 4530r (instead of RN) and CA in 4576f (instead of RS).
For Ring dem Bells (4555l) the remark on the lip problems regarding RN is very astute: the soloist is, as Graham says, RS indeed.
We changed our mind on Indiana: the soloist is always CA.
We do not agree with Colombé and we confirm our choice about: On the Alamo, Let the Zoomers Drool, Bugle Breaks, How Deep Is the Ocean, Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' and Unbooted Character.
On Stompy Jones we wrote in The New DESOR that the soloists were RN (4540s, 4568b, 4569e), TJ (4584p, 4612b) and RS (4586b). Colombé on the contrary says that it is RS. We listened carefully to these recordings many times and we are now convinced that the unique trumpet soloist is actually TJ.
Luciano Massagli and Giovanni Volonté

Duke's Interview at Croydon

DEMS 12/2-11

If you go to
Part 1 on
and Part 2 on

You will have the whole interview of 25Jan63 on video.
The interview was made by Sven Lindahl for the Swedish telecast "Aktuellt Apropå". On the video on YouTube the date is given as 3Feb63. That must have been the date of the telecast.

The Hi de Ho Blog

DEMS 12/2-12

I would like to inform you that I've completed a series of articles about the musicians who went from Cab Calloway's orchestra to Duke Ellington's orchestra.
For each musician, there's a couple of anecdotes and I've tried to provide the most representative tune for each period.
The series is organized by section: saxes, trumpets, trombones, rhythm + those who were first in Ellington then went to Calloway + the arrangers.
You'll find some interesting names like Ben Webster, Harry White, Benny Payne, Gerald Wilson, Quentin Jackson, Claude Jones, Marshall Royal, Dizzy Gillespie, Gerry Mulligan, etc.
If you'd want to share the link on your website, I would be honored.
Jean-François PITET
Cab Calloway, his music and his musicians:

The tape for Billy

DEMS 12/2-13

See DEMS 02/3-9/1 and 03/1-10/3

A friend in Sydney, Australia ( where I now live) sent to me the article in DEMS Bulletin 02/3-9/1.
I am the piano player mentioned in the bottom paragraph. The 2 tunes I played were Blues for Duke and Billy, and A Grain of Sand.
I have a fairly clear recollection of the recording. Duke had contacted the pianists, all of whom he had met on the numerous occasions he visited Paris. He wanted each pianist to play 2 tunes only: one original composition and the other a Blues. All the pianists were accompanied by Duke's rhythm section John Lamb ( bass) & Ron Brooks (drums).
The pianists present that morning - yes, it was 6.30 am on the 10th March, 1967 - were Claude Bolling, Martial Solal, Aaroon Bridgers, Erroll Parker, Michel Sardaby, myself and Joe Turner. Joe was the reason for the late start of the recording as his last set at La Calvados finished at 6 am.
Claude Bolling appears confused: I can confirm that Duke himself DID NOT play on that date and also that each pianist present would record ONLY 2 tunes, as Duke had wished.
I shall attempt to clarify as to who played what:
Joe Turner did open the session with ??Harry Yuma?? ( I doubt that was the title Joe meant) and he finished his set with James P. Johnson's Carolina Shout ( which he played every night to finish off his 6 am set for over 30 years at La Calvados).
Aaron Bridgers played My Little Purple Flower (which he wrote for his partner, Billy Strayhorn) and a Blues and the medley of the 4 Strayhorn's Lush Life, Star Ride(?), Satin Doll and Take the "A" Train.
It was Erroll Parker who played Garnerama and Blues for the Soul (his name is taken from Errol Garner and Charlie Parker).
Michel Sardaby did play Blues Sunset and Blues for Billy
Which leaves I Love you Madly, Meditation, T.G.T.T., which could be by Martial Solal.
Bolling himself played James P Johnson's Harlem Strut and Quietly ( which he names as his composition.)
I have been searching for a copy of this recording for the past 40 years. Can you help?
I am now in my 78th year ( I was 33 when the recording was made) and am now retired from playing due to a severe spinal collapse and arthritis in my hands. You could get further information on me by Googling my name. I thank you for whatever help you can give me in finding this.
Your in Jazz.
Stuart De Silva