12/2 August - November 2012
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At the Steps of City Hall NYC

DEMS 12/2-5

If you go to
you will find a short part of the video recording made for TV Newsreel "City Classics" from Crosswalks NYC Channel 74.
It shows a tribute to Duke Ellington on 15Sep69.
Apparently, the complete video is held by the New York City Municipal Archives.
This New DESOR unlisted "session" has a Clark Terry-conducted big band playing Take the A Train, then DE accompanies Tony Watkins on Solitude and Be Cool and Groovy, followed by a Mayor John Lindsay speech and DE playing Satin Doll with the big band.
Brian Koller

Take the "A" Train is not on this snippet. It starts with Rock Skippin' at the Blue Note.

I believe I see Norris Turney, Benny Green, Vince Prudente, Cat Anderson, Frank Wess, Steve Little and Eddie Preston. Mercer Ellington is in the audience, sitting next to Joe Morgan, Duke's press agent at the time. The date of the crosswalk program was originally Friday evening 23May03 and it was re-broadcast Sunday 25May03.
Fred Beckhardt.

In addition to Clark Terry, I saw Jimmy Hamilton and Norris Turney and I believe that I also saw Phil Woods and Joe Benjamin.

Newport 2Jul71

DEMS 12/2-6

contains snippets from a private cassette recording of the Festival.
The first part of the you tube audio is Buddy Rich, followed by Duke Ellington.
From the Ellington snippets, I hear:
C-Jam Blues
Soul Soothing Beach
Right On Togo


A CD was made from the cassette and is for sale on ebay. In the listing, the seller states another cassette exists with the second half of the July 2 Ellington concert.

This recording should be added to The New DESOR 7137. Parts of Naturellement have been compared and they were identical.
Brian Koller**

In the Smithsonian collection is a tape, with a memo, entitled:
"United States Government Memorandum":
To: Duke Ellington.
From: Howard Brucker-Voice of America/Music.
Date: 7/19/71.
Subject: "Because of the cancellation of the festival, eventual programming of what we have recorded of the '71 Newport Jazz Festival is still undecided. If the festival is broadcast, even in abbreviated form, only the opening and final movements of BRAVO TOGO, as you requested, will be aired. Entire selection, however, is included on the enclosed tape."



Harlem Jazz Adventures

DEMS 12/2-7

See DEMS 06/2-55

Baron Timme Rosenkrantz's memoir, "Harlem Jazz Adventures," is out now -- and the frontispiece is a tête-a-tête photo of Louis Armstrong and Timme. The book was published in Jan12 by Scarecrow Press (
ISBN 13: 9780810882096 ISBN 10: 0810882094).
Duke's chapter about Timme in "Music is My Mistress" can be read at several sites, and via the book's official website,
Fradley Garner

Fradley gave us permission to reprint in full in DEMS Bulletin what Timme had to say about Duke in chapter 25. We are grateful for that permission but we have decided not to take advantage of it. You should buy the book yourself. Not only because of chapter 25, but also for all the other chapters full of humorous reports of the many encounters Timme had with the great jazz musicians of his time. I have read the book. It is splendid. I can recommend it to all jazz lovers.
It is much more than a straightforward translation of Timme's book. It contains a lot of very useful notes and many additional quotes from others about the musicians who are featured in each chapter.
There is one little discographical remark to be made. On page 160 in note #5, Fradley Garner mentioned a recording made at Timme's birthday party on 6Jul46. The copy on tape that we have of this recording is however dated 7Jul45. That is much more likely, since Duke was in New York on that day and on 6Jul46 he played in Los Angeles.


DEMS 12/2-8

See DEMS 12/1-17

Congratulations to Alain Pailler. His latest book "Ko-Ko" was awarded the "Prix du Livre de Jazz 2011" (Jazz Book of the Year) by the French "Académie du Jazz" on 12Jan12 in Paris at the Théatre du Chatelet. It is a pity that his splendid essays are not translated into English. I am sure that there are quite a number of interested readers waiting for such a translation.
Sjef Hoefsmit