The Treasury Shows Vol 3

DETS 9003

Date Track Title (Composer) [Vocalist]
5may45 1/1 Take The "A" Train (Strayhorn)
5may45 1/2 Blutopia (Ellington)
5may45 1/3 Bond Promo (talk)
5may45 1/4 Clementine (Strayhorn)
5may45 1/5 My Heart Sings (Heerpin-Rome)
[Joya Sherrill, vocal]
5may45 1/6 Sentimental Journey (Homer-Greene-Brown)
5may45 1/7 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Ellington-Webster)
[Al Hibbler, vocal]
5may45 1/8 Three Cent Stomp (Ellington)
5may45 1/9 Black And Tan Fantasy (Ellington-Miley)
5may45 1/10 Blue Skies (Berlin)
5may45 1/11 Broadcast Return (talk)
5may45 1/12 Passion Flower (Strayhorn)
5may45 1/13 Air Conditioned Jungle (Ellington-Hamilton)
5may45 1/14 Frantic Fantasy (Ellington-Stewart)
5may45 1/15 I'm Beginning To See The Light (Ellington-Hdodges-James-George)
5may45 1/16 Main Stem (Ellington)
5may45 1/17 Everything But You (Ellington-James-George)
[Joya Sherrill, vocal]
5may45 1/18 Carnegie Blues (Ellington)
5may45 1/19a Jump For Joy (Ellington-Webster-Kuller)
[Ray Nance, vocal]
5may45 1/19b Things Ain't What They Used To Be (MEllington-Persons)
12may45 2/1 Take The "A" Train (Strayhorn)
12may45 2/2 Carnegie Blues (Ellington)
12may45 2/3 (Otto Make That) Riff Staccato (Schwartz-Orent)
[Ray Nance, vocal]
12may45 2/4 Bond Promo (talk)
12may45 2/5 All At Once (Gershwin-Weil)
12may45 2/6 Yesterdays (Kern)
[Kay Davis, vocal]
12may45 2/7 I Miss Your Kiss (Skylar-Kaye)
12may45 1/8 Accentuate The Positive (Arlen-Mercer)
[Joya Sherrill, vocal]
12may45 2/9 Bond Promo (talk)
12may45 2/10 Blue Cellophane (Ellington)
12may45 2/11 Take The "A" Train (Strayhorn)
12may45 2/12 Take The "A" Train (Strayhorn)
12may45 2/13 Prelude To A Kiss (Ellington-Gordon-Mills)
12may45 2/14 Caravan (Ellington-Tizol-Mills)
12may45 2/15 Sophisticated Lady (Ellington-Parish-Mills)
12may45 2/16 I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues (Ellington-George)
[Al Hibbler, Kay Davis, vocal]
12may45 2/17a Bond Promo (talk)
12may45 2/17b I'm Beginning To See The Light (Ellington-Hodges-James-George)
[Joya Sherrill, vocal]
12may45 2/18 In A Mellotone (Ellington)
12may45 2/19 Harlem Air Shaft (Ellington)
12may45 2/20 I Don't Mind (Ellington)
[Marie Ellington, vocal]
12may45 2/21 Bond Promo (talk)
12may45 2/22 The Jeep Is Jumpin' (Ellington-Hodges)
oct45 1/20 Jumpin' Punkins (MEllington)
oct45 1/21 A Door Will Open (Brooks-George)
oct45 1/22 West Indian Dance (Ellington)
oct45 1/23 I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues (Ellington-George)
[Al Hibbler, Kay Davis, vocal]
oct45 1/24 Jack The Bear (Ellington)
nov45 2/23 Take The "A" Train (Strayhorn)
nov45 2/24 Just A-Settin' And A-Rockin' (Ellington-Strayhorn-Gaines)
nov45 2/25 Clementine (Strayhorn)
nov45 2/26 The Wonder Of You (Ellington-Hodges-George)
[Joya Sherrill, vocal]
nov45 2/27 I'll Buy That Dream (Magidson-Wrubel)
nov45 2/28 Come To Baby, Do (Miller-James)
[Joya Sherrill, vocal]