The Chronological Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1942-1944

Classics 867

Good Sound And Lots Of Music: Ellington Reissues On Classics

The Classics Chronological series on Ellington is not to be missed. Classics has plenty of albums out and good sound as well. The liner notes could be more extensive, but no other company is this far along in reissuing Ellington.

Date Track Title (Composer) [Vocalist]
21jan42 1 Perdido (Tizol-Lengsfelder-Drake)
21jan42 2 The "C" Jam Blues (Ellington)
21jan42 3 Moon Mist (MEllington)
26feb42 4 What Am I Here For? (Ellington)
26feb42 5 I Don't Mind (Ellington-Strayhorn)
[Ivie Anderson, vocal]
26feb42 6 Someone (Ellington)
26jun42 7 My Little Brown Book (Strayhorn)
[Herb Jeffries, vocal]
26jun42 8 Main Stem (Ellington)
26jun42 9 Johnny Come Lately (Strayhorn)
28jul42 10 Hayfoot Strawfoot (Lenk-Drake-McGrane)
[Ivie Anderson, vocal]
28jul42 11 Sentimental Lady (Ellington)
28jul42 12 A Slip Of The Lip (Can Sink A Ship) (MEllington-Henderson)
[Ray Nance, vocal]
28jul42 13 Sherman Shuffle (Ellington)
8nov43 14 Boy Meets Horn (Ellington-Stewart)
8nov43 15 Hop, Skip And Jump (Ellington)
9nov43 16 Things Ain't What They Used To Be (MEllington-Persons)
9nov43 17 Main Stem (Ellington)
1dec43 18 Creole Love Call (Ellington)
26may44 19 Mood To Be Woo'd (Ellington-Hodges)
25may44 20 My Little Brown Book (Strayhorn)
[Al Hibbler, vocal]
24nov39 21 I'm Checkin' Out, Goo'm Bye (Ellington)
[Ivie Anderson, vocal]
24nov39 22 Tootin' Through The Roof (Ellington)