The Chronological Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1937 Volume 2

Classics 687

Good Sound And Lots Of Music: Ellington Reissues On Classics

The Classics Chronological series on Ellington is not to be missed. Classics has plenty of albums out and good sound as well. The liner notes could be more extensive, but no other company is this far along in reissuing Ellington.

Date Track Title (Composer) [Vocalist]
20may37 1 You'll Never Go To Heaven (If You Break My Heart) (Bryan-Santly)
[Buddy Clark, vocal]
20may37 2 Peckin' (Pollock-James)
[Cootie Williams, band chorus, vocal]
8jun37 3 All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (Kahn-Kaper-Jurmann)
8jun37 4 All God's Chillun Got Rhythm (Kahn-Kaper-Jurmann)
[Ivie Anderson, band chorus, vocal]
8jun37 5 Alabamy Home (Ellington-Ringle)
[Ivie Anderson, vocal]
16jun37 6 Get It Southern Style (Nemo-Mills)
[Sue Mitchell, vocal]
16jun37 7 Moonlight Fiesta (Ellington-Tizol-Mills)
16jun37 8 Sponge Cake And Spinach (Ellington)
16jun37 9 If You're Ever In My Arms Again (Van Heusen-Mahr)
[Sue Mitchell, vocal]
7jul37 10 The Back Room Romp (A Contrapuntal Stomp) (Ellington-Stewart)
7jul37 11 Love In My Heart (Ellington-Alvis)
7jul37 12 Sugar Hill Shim-Sham (Ellington-Stewart)
7jul37 13 Tea And Trumpets (Ellington-Stewart)
20sep37 14 Chatter Box (Ellington-Stewart-Mills)
20sep37 15 Jubilesta (Ellington-Tizol-Mills)
20sep37 16 Diminuendo In Blue (Ellington)
20sep37 17 Crescendo In Blue (Ellington)
20sep37 18 Harmony In Harlem (Ellington-Hodges-Mills)
20sep37 19 Dusk In The Desert (Ellington-Mills)
26oct37 20 Jubilesta (Ellington-Tizol-Mills)
26oct37 21 Watchin' (Nemo-Mills)
[Jerry Kruger, vocal]
26oct37 22 Pigeons And Peppers (Ellington-MEllington)
26oct37 23 I Can't Give You Anything But Love (Fields-McHugh)