The Chronological Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1935-1936

Classics 659

Good Sound And Lots Of Music: Ellington Reissues On Classics

The Classics Chronological series on Ellington is not to be missed. Classics has plenty of albums out and good sound as well. The liner notes could be more extensive, but no other company is this far along in reissuing Ellington.

Date Track Title (Composer) [Vocalist]
9jan35 1 Let's Have A Jubilee (traditional)
[Ivie Anderson, vocal]
5mar35 2 Porto Rican Chaos (Ellington-Tizol-Mills)
5mar35 3 Margie (Conrad-Robinson-Davis)
5mar35 4 Moonlight Fiesta (Ellington-Tizol-Mills)
5mar35 5 Tough Truckin' (Ellington-Mills)
5mar35 6 Indigo Echoes (Ellington-Mills)
30apr35 7 In A Sentimental Mood (Ellington-Mills)
30apr35 8 Showboat Shuffle (Ellington)
30apr35 9 Merry-Go-Round (Ellington)
30apr35 10 Admiration (Tizol-Mills)
19aug35 11 Cotton (Koehler-Bloom)
[Ivie Anderson, vocal]
19aug35 12 Truckin' (Koehler-Bloom)
[Ivie Anderson, vocal]
19aug35 13 Accent On Youth (Seymour-Lawnhurst)
12sep35 14 Reminiscing In Tempo Part 1 (Ellington)
12sep35 15 Reminiscing In Tempo Part 2 (Ellington)
12sep35 16 Reminiscing In Tempo Part 3 (Ellington)
12sep35 17 Reminiscing In Tempo Part 4 (Ellington)
20jan36 18 I Don't Know Why I Love You So (Ellington-Mills)
20jan36 19 Dinah Lou (Koehler-Bloom)
[Ivie Anderson, vocal]
27feb36 20 Isn't Love The Strangest Thing (Coots-Davis)
[Ivie Anderson, vocal]
27feb36 21 (There Is) No Greater Love (Jones-Symes)
27feb36 22 Clarinet Lament (Barney's Concerto) (Ellington-Bigard)
27feb36 23 Echoes Of Harlem (Cootie's Concerto) (Ellington)