The Chronological Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1929-1930

Classics 577

Good Sound And Lots Of Music: Ellington Reissues On Classics

The Classics Chronological series on Ellington is not to be missed. Classics has plenty of albums out and good sound as well. The liner notes could be more extensive, but no other company is this far along in reissuing Ellington.

Date Track Title (Composer) [Vocalist]
2aug29 1 Jungle Jamboree (Waller-Razaf-Brooks)
2aug29 2 Snake Hip Dance (Waller-Razaf-Brooks)
10sep29 3 Doin' The Voom Voom (Ellington-Miley)
10sep29 4 Flaming Youth (Ellington)
10sep29 5 Saturday Night Function (Ellington-Bigard)
13sep29 6 Jolly Wog (Ellington)
13sep29 7 Jazz Convulsions (Ellington)
16sep29 8 Mississippi (Youmans)
16sep29 9 The Duke Steps Out (Ellington-Hodges-Williams)
16sep29 10 Haunted Nights (Ellington)
16sep29 11 Swanee Shuffles (Berlin)
25oct29 12 Six Or Seven Times (Waller-Mills)
[Cootie Williams, Sonny Greer, vocal]
29oct29 13 Goin' Nuts (Hodges)
[Harold Randolph, vocal]
29oct29 14 Oklahoma Stomp (Ellington)
14nov29 15 Breakfast Dance (Ellington)
14nov29 16 Jazz Lips (Ellington)
14nov29 17 March Of The Hoodlums (Carmichael)
20nov29 18 Lazy Duke (Ellington)
20nov29 19 Blues Of The Vagabond (Ellington)
20nov29 20 Syncopated Shuffle (Ellington)
10dec29 21 Sweet Mama (Ellington)
10dec29 22 Wall Street Wail (Ellington-Mills)
10dec29 23 Cincinnati Daddy (Ellington)
29jan30 24 St James Infirmary (Primrose)
[Irving Mills as Sonny Smith, vocal]