The Chronological Duke Ellington & His Orchestra 1927-1928

Classics 542

Good Sound And Lots Of Music: Ellington Reissues On Classics

The Classics Chronological series on Ellington is not to be missed. Classics has plenty of albums out and good sound as well. The liner notes could be more extensive, but no other company is this far along in reissuing Ellington.

The photo shows Duke and Adelaide Hall

Date Track Title (Composer) [Vocalist]
6oct27 1 Washington Wobble (Ellington)
26oct27 2 Creole Love Call (Ellington)
[Adelaide Hall, vocal]
26oct27 3 The Blues I Love To Sing (Ellington-Miley)
[Adelaide Hall, vocal]
26oct27 4 Black And Tan Fantasy (Ellington-Miley)
26oct27 5 Washington Wobble (Ellington)
3nov27 6 What Can A Poor Fellow Do? (Meyers-Schoebel)
3nov27 7 Black And Tan Fantasy (Ellington-Miley)
3nov27 8 Chicago Stomp Down (Creamer-Johnson)
[Adelaide Hall, vocal]
19dec27 9 Harlem River Quiver (Fields-McHugh-Healy)
19dec27 10 East St Louis Toodle-Oo (Ellington-Miley)
19dec27 11 Blue Bubbles (Ellington-Miley)
29dec27 12 Red Hot Band (Fields-McHugh-Healy)
29dec27 13 Doin' The Frog (Fields-McHugh-Healy)
2jan28 14 Sweet Mama (Ellington)
2jan28 15 Stack O'Lee Blues (Lopez-Colwell)
2jan28 16 Bugle Call Rag (Pettis-Schoebel-Meyers)
19jan28 17 Take It Easy (Ellington)
19jan28 18 Jubilee Stomp (Ellington)
19jan28 19 Harlem Twist [East St Louis Toodle-Oo] (Ellington-Miley)
8mar28 20 East St Louis Toodle-Oo (Ellington-Miley)
8mar28 21 Jubilee Stomp (Ellington)
8mar28 22 Take It Easy (Ellington)
21mar28 23 Take It Easy (Ellington)
21mar28 24 Jubilee Stomp (Ellington)